• A Solution Like None Others
  • Our Advanced Quick Check-in

  • Swift Check-Ins, Seamless Event Experiences: Automate Your Ticketing Processes with Tickets99's Speedy Check-In Solution!

Registration and Ticketing Challenges

  • Long lines at the Event

  • Eliminate long queues at the entrance of your event by using Tickets99 to check-in users from all the other ticketing portals as well
    • Last Minute Registrations
    • Verify from multiple Ticketing sites
    • Time and Effort in training temporary staff
  • Inaccurate personal information of Attendees
  • Organizers appoints multiple resources to collect contact information of the attendees who are walking in.
    • Manual error while entering data to your CRM
    • Contact information remains unverified
    • Collected data Not readily usable for marketing
  • Increasing Event Ticketing Websites
  • There are at least 10, if not more event ticketing websites that your users might buy the event tickets from. How do you manage the check-in simultaneously
    • Changing Staff and increased cost of training
    • Information in multiple ticketing systems
    • Lack of a central database for marketing
  • Proper utilization of marketing spend

  • Event organizers spend a lot on marketing and still send the attendees to sites like Paytm or bookmyshow for ticketing which eat up atleast 10% of your revenue.
    • High expenditure of 8-12% as platform fees
    • Lack of verified attendee data for marketing
    • Improper metrics to track promotion success

One platform for all your check-in needs


Event Attendees

  1. Register on the event website (Pay Cash Option)
  2. Pay Cash at the Counter
  3. QR Code Activated Automatically
  4. Scan and enjoy the event
  5. Download Networking app

Organizer Benefits

  1. Capture all sales data with ease
  2. Inbuilt CRM for future marketing
  3. QR Code Activated Automatically
  4. No duplicate attendee entry
  5. Manage Last Minute Walk-ins Á registrations

Manage Group Tickets with ease

Effortless Group Ticketing: Assign, Check-In, Collect Cash,and Prevent Duplicates - All Simplified with Tickets99


Collect last minute walk-insManage Community members with ease

Manage Community members

Don’t miss the collection of last minute walk-ins contact details

  • User Privacy, we respect it...

  • Your attendees feel more secure if they do not publicly reveal their personal information.

    • Email and phone number masked
    • Only Organisers can see it
    • Avoid multiple calls or improper coordination on the day of event
    • Use coupon code by restricting to an email for VIP customers
    • Last minute registration and check-In

Detailed Event Page Beating the Industry Standards.

  • Agenda

    Detailed agenda showcasing your session sponsor and speaker or singer details
  • Menu Food

    Showcase your food, drinks, special event menu seperately
  • Ambience Pictures

    Seeing is believing. Show your party or ambience pictures here.
  • DJ Promotions

    Showcase who is coming to your live event
  • Who are Attending

    How about seeing their friends showing up and making it more fun
  • Sponsors

    Attract corporate sponsors for your event on a weekly basis.

We are active in multiple Cities

End-to-end payments and financial management in a singlesolution. Meet the right platform to help realize.

















Easy on Attendee and Organizer pockets

Zero Platform fees for attendees, and organizers are only charged a modest percentage when their tickets are sold through the platform.

2.99% per Ticket

Be our EXCLUSIVE organizer to sell all your tickets and drive your event on auto-pilot

4.99% per Ticket

You can list on other ticketing platforms and pay only for the tickets sold on our platform.

9.99% per Ticket

We create poster and reels for your event and sponsor them on social media for ticket sales

Walk-ins and only on the day ticket sales will be charged at 2.99% Only for better opportunities Contact Sales