Zoom Integration

Easily host and manage virtual events, integrate live or pre-recorded webinars and enjoy seamless functionality throughout your presentation.

Create Your First Zoom Meeting In Tickets99

  • Login to TICKETS99 and navigate to EVENTS module.

  • Create or Edit an event and navigate to SETUP tab

  • To integrate ZOOM Account and create a meeting/webinar,choose of any of the sub tabs. (Sposnors, Agenda, Challenges)

  • Click on Add New/ Edit existing data in any of the sub tab.

  • Now Scroll down the page and Click on the WEBINAR INFO tab.

Organizers have two options

  • 1. Link the Zoom Account and Create a New meeting / webinar

  • 2. Use existing meeting /webinar URL

  • If you create a new meeting or webinar using Zoom, the relevant information will automatically appear in the URL and instructions fields.
Get Started

Unlink Zoom Account

  • Clicking on Unlink Account, displays below pop up for confirmation. Once clicked, the Proceed Anyway button unlinks your zoom account successfully.

  • After unlinking account in Tickets99 you should Navigate to

  • Authenticate your account with ZOOM login information used to link your account.Select Installed Apps

  • Then click on UNINSTALL to remove the complete data and information between ZOOM and TICKETS99.

Supercharge Your Virtual Events with Zoom Integration

  • Easily host and manage virtual events, such as webinars, meetings, and conferences.

  • Automatically send reminders to registered attendees before the event, reducing no-shows and increasing attendance rates.

  • Integrate live or pre-recorded webinars directly into your platform without any issues, and enjoy seamless functionality throughout your .