Tickets99's World Cup 2023 Quiz Challenge

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As the cricketing world gears up for the much-anticipated World Cup 2023, Tickets99 brings an exciting twist for cricket enthusiasts. Tickets99 has launched the 'World Cup 2023 Quiz Challenge,' a unique challenge that combines the thrill of cricket with the joy of winning big. 

 Celebrate the Cricket Quiz Challenge with tickets99

Tickets99's innovative quiz challenge invites fans to dive deep into the world of cricket predictions and quizzes. This isn't just about celebrating the sport; it's about rewarding your passion with incredible rewards. Participants who correctly predict outcomes of various matches and answer cricket-related quizzes stand a chance to win an array of free event tickets to New Year events, exotic travel trips, and much more.

The linked link can be clicked to learn more about the challenge.  Look quickly—the challenge is live. Make a prediction and win lucky!

Join the Frenzy

Participation is simple. Users first download the Tickets99 app. After doing so, an RS 500 bonus will be added to their wallets. Then, visit the World Cup Challenge on the website. Once you're in, you may browse through a variety of tests and events designed to evaluate your cricket expertise and prediction abilities. Tickets99 invites users to follow their Instagram account for regular announcements and updates, so the fun doesn't stop on the app.
Instagram ID: Tickets99_official 

Win More than Just Bragging Rights
The quiz game is more than just a test of cricket knowledge. It's an opportunity to win big. The grand prize includes free entry to exclusive New Year events and dream travel tours. And the excitement doesn't end there. There is much more waiting there.

Mark Your Calendars

The anticipation builds as the Live winner's announcement date approaches. Set for November 20th, 
7: 30 PM, the reveal of the lucky winners is an event in itself. Participants are encouraged to stay tuned to Tickets99’s Instagram page for this exciting announcement and more updates.

About Tickets99

At Tickets99, our passion lies at the intersection of event management and cutting-edge technology. Rooted in the principle of making events memorable for both organizers and attendees, we've crafted a platform that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Visit tickets99 to learn more about events, especially those that are coming up in 2024 for the New Year in your city or one outside of it. Get Rs. 500 added to your wallet when you download the app. Additionally, buy event tickets with no platform fees and receive 1% of each ticket shared with other buyers who are also interested in the same event.

A Celebration for Every Cricket Fan

The World Cup 2023 Quiz Challenge by Tickets99 is more than a game; it's a celebration of cricket, bringing fans closer to the action. It's an invitation to be part of a community that shares a love for the sport and the excitement of winning. As the World Cup approaches, Tickets99's innovative quiz challenge is set to add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the cricket season.